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Life is the greatest gift we are given. While it can be fragile and sometimes too brief, the journey can be strong and meaningful. It is a journey that becomes so much more than the destination. Along the way we live, we learn, and we love. As each chapter of our lives unfold we write our own story to share with those who joined us either for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. We pursue life with passion and chase our dreams to become the hero of our own story; and if one is lucky enough to find the love of friends and family along the journey then they become the hero in someone else’s story.


At Love Out Loud we celebrate the heroes in your life - the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, the underdogs who gave life their all, the friends who shaped us, and all of those who left a deep fingerprint on our hearts.   We help tell their story in a sensitive and meaningful way for those who were blessed to share in that life and others who only knew a small part.


We provide deeply personalized and meaningful events and services that help celebrate their life.  We are specialist in celebratory event planning   for loved ones lost or for a milestone life moment.

SEE OUR SERVICES to learn more.


Memorial Production 

We can create for you memorial webistes, videos, and more.

We have a full team of dedicated professions to provide design, photography, event planning and catering services. We are a full service solution for your celebration. 

Celebrations of Life Events

Our celebration of life events are highly personalized and unique. From grand events, destination venues, to backyard affairs, or a church brunch we can offer all you need for a phenominal send off to those you love.

Other Events

The opportunity to celebrate life doesn't only come at the end of the story. We are proud to provide our specialty event services for milestones in life that are worth celebrating such as a 75th birthday, a 50th anniversary, groundbreaking,  or retirment party. 


We can prepare photo books, invitations, memorial cards, create memorial funds, establish legacy gifts, and personalize a variety of personalized memorial gifts. 

Because I loved, I know I lived

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