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At Love Out Loud we celebrate the heroes in your life - the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, the underdogs who gave life their all, the friends who shaped us and all of those who left a deep fingerprint on our hearts. We help tell their story in a sensitive and meaningful way for both those who were blessed to share in that life and others who only knew a small part. We provide personalize meaningful events and services that celebrate their life


Many of us have heard friends and loved ones say, "when I go I want to have a party – go out with a bang", or "don’t cry for me but remember all the good times". This is actually easier said than done.

When a close loss strikes us we are never really prepared. We are often overwhelmed in the moment of grief. Most of us who have had to deal with this experience stand dazed in front of a funeral director where we are told that we can have the walnut casket or the grey casket. Then we can choose one day or two to stand in a processional line of friends and loved ones who are also at a loss for words; each left one after the next repeating, like a hammer on our hearts, some variation of, “We are sorry for your loss.” “We are sorry for your loss. He was a great guy” “We are sorry for your loss.”


After the tragic loss of our 29 year old brother Chris we were moved to think maybe there is a different way. Maybe we could use our 20 years of experience with specialty events to ensure his life was more moving than his loss? The result was deeply meaningful and helpful in creating a healthier grieving process for all. Our funeral director was left saying, "Wow there is a need for something like this", and our pastor at the event pulled his wife aside and said, "This is what I want when go". Friends began asking if we could help do the same for their loved ones.


At Love Out Loud we provide specialty services and event planning for those wishing to truly celebrate the lives of love ones after a passing or celebrate a milestone life event. Some event coordinators such as a wedding coordinator can take up to a year to plan a personalized event. Our specialty services are designed to use our team of experts in the industry to put together a high caliber event, both joyous and sensitive to the moment, in honor of your loved ones in as little as 7 to 30 days.


Our Celebrations of Life have also been powerful tools to help ease the grief and loss while helping your friends and loved ones begin the healing process in a positive way. In many cases those who find themselves in a terminal situation can even find some peace and joy in participating in the planning. 

Whether you choose to use one of our many partner funeral homes or one of your own for the cremation or burial, we can help you from there after in a variety of ways big and small. We can help with just guidance planning your own event and experience, designing memorial cards, web sites or videos made in honor of your loved one. We can create personal meaningful memorial gifts as a life tokens for those friends and loved ones, and help you set up memorial funds. Our most common service is the complete package where we coordinate start to finish with your guidance the full experience of a special celebratory life event; from all the elements noted above to venue selection, catering, and engagment activites. Whether grand or intimate it will be the celebration of life that your loved one deserves. 


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Together we can create a special way to celebrate the love in your life. 

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