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Celebration of Life

Providing an alternative to the traditional funeral service.

Let us help guide you through this journey. This type of event is very dear to our hearts and we deeply believe in celebrating life, honoring lives lived and creating new traditions. Celebrations of Life are the best and often a more affordable opportunity in the present day to shed light and love on a difficult time.

Love Out Loud is here to help in any form required. Whether you need an intimate quiet service, a big energetic celebration, or a lovely group brunch. The options are endless. We can help you choose a suitable location, food and décor elements and any memorable details you would like to be included. This type of event is for celebrating all lives lived. This service works for anybody and everybody because we can tailor it to what you want.

What is a celebration of life?

A Celebration of Life Ceremony celebrates the life of the dearly departed. Unlike funerals the focus of the ceremony is on the life that was lived and not the mourning of one’s death. Whether you are a loved one of the deceased or planning your very own celebration of life you can make this non-traditional event whatever you like. In fact, many times those who are in a terminal situation find peace and joy in being a part of the planning of their celebration. 


Why have a Celebration of Life?

Life celebrations are really about love. You are taking the time to express and share the love and life of that person - thus Love Out Loud. It allows you to create a personal touch throughout the entire event. It allows you to say goodbye, encourages everyone to share memories with others, and provides a social support system for family and friends. It brings about searching the meaning of life and death while offering hope for living.  Or to just have a big ol’ celebration in theme of what the deceased loved!

When can the celebration be held?

A Celebration of Life Ceremony can occur before or after one’s death.  Ceremonies can also take place on the anniversary of one’s death or birthday. A surprise happy birthday party for the deceased is a common theme. Funerals usually take place within a few days of a death where as a Celebration of Life can occur then in lieu of a traditional service or at anytime you like supplementing a traditional service.  Providing more time for thoughtful planning provides greater options as well.

Where can the celebration be held?

The beauty of having a Celebration of Life Ceremony is that it can take place wherever you desire; the beach if the deceased loved the ocean, country club where he/she was a member, someone’s home, church,local hall or a park.

Who can I get to lead the service?

Anybody can be chosen to lead or speak at the celebration. If families have a relationship with a local church or temple, the spiritual leader can assist in the structure of the event. Certified celebrants are an alternative for a non-religious and very personalized leader. You can choose a family member or friend, anybody you feel comfortable with and you think will uphold honoring the deceased. At Love out Loud we also have pastors and celebrants on our team available for you. 

What kind of activities can be done?

  • Memory books
  • Balloon releases
  • Ash scattering
  • Candle lighting
  • Video presentations
  • Readings
  • Music
  • Fantastic Food Celebrations
  • Memorial Brunch, Luncheon, or Dinner 
  • Memorial Ball
  • Sports games
  • Artist performance
  • A walk or hike
  • Favourite Games
  • Bon Fires
  • The Skies the Limit

How can Love Out Loud help?

We provide as little and as much support that our clients desire; handling all the details at a time when basic functioning is a challenge, releasing all stress and overwhelming feelings that putting on an event can bring.

Allowing you to be in the state you need to be and not force yourself or others to put together an event.

Let us pull all the pieces together for an honorable celebration. Whether it is for a few dear friends in a home, a gathering of hundreds at the beach, or on a cruise ship with fireworks we can assist in all your needs. 

It is purely based on each situation, each family, and the loved ones that wish to celebrate a special life.

Some Service options Include

  • Invitations
  • Execution of personalized theme
  • Selection of venue/location; including destination venue events
  • Catering
  • Décor & memorable elements
  • Video presentation
  • Providing celebrant options
  • Coordinating speakers
  • General coordination
  • Floral design, Ballon Launch, and so much more
  • Memorial Fund programs

    Do you provide the funeral services?

  • We are proud to partner with many funeral parlors and crematories throughout North Carolina.  

  • We are NOT a licensed funeral director.

  • We do not offer the services provided by a licensed funeral parlor such as embalming, burial services and cremations.

  • If you are need of these services we can gladly recommend some of our distinguished partners.

  • We do provide the best event services and memorial events that can be used in lieu of a traditional viewing or service, or more commonly as an added celebration thereafter.  


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Together we can create a special way to celebrate the love in your life. 

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