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Most people have no frame of reference for funeral expenses.  In a 2009 survey noted by showed average costs for a funeral were about $6,000, however by 2016 noted average funeral expenses exceeded $10,000. That’s a big jump in seven years. What’s worse is that it is for average and will only continue to rise in a changing industry. A fancier coffin, more expensive plot of land, extended viewing hours or days, and any specialty services will make it considerably more.  When in a moment of grief and presented these options most families are left shocked but lost for options.


At Love Out Loud we are up front and transparent on costs and services. Upon your initial consultation we will discuss a wide variety of options for many budgets. Our clients chose us when they want a personalized unique experience to say goodbye to their loved one. Some clients chose to use us as an add-on to their full funeral service experience, while other choose Love Out Loud to supplement items such as a service, a viewing or a wake. Some choose our services in the immediate loss of a loved one to supplement a funeral, some down the road a bit for a memorial event, while some with a terminal condition or from a hospice home call upon us when they wish to be involved in planning their own event. 


At Love Out Loud we are not funeral parlor or crematory service. We are proud to partner with many and can recommend several highly respected services for embalming, burial and or crematory services. We are a highly personalized specialty event coordination service who also provides additional memorial support services. We can help with minor services to a customized full scale experience. See Our Story to read an example.


Contact us for a free consultation and to discover all the possibly ways we can help share the story of your loved one. Let’s come up with something truly special for your loved one.


The complete Celebration of Life package - Our turnkey service which includes our full planning, coordination, on-site lead, and support services throughout the event. You will be a part of the experience, not the work. No add-on costs for extras such as memorial webpages, social media pages, invitations, print design services, photo video creations, and memorial gift design. This package is popular as an add-on celebration, in place of a more formal service, or an extended viewing (wake).   The events can be large or small, local or destination (beach, mountains, favorite venue, etc), and each one the only limit is your imaginations.


The Planning package – we will work with you to plan all aspects of your event. With you we will lay out your event and map out your services such as venue, catering, and personal touches. You will serve as prime point of contact for all services and any setup on the day of the event. Design services for print materials (memorial cards, posters, invitations, and such), multi-media services (memorial webpage, videos, slide shows, and such), and memorial gift planning are add-on services to this packages.


Add-on support packages – Select our team for project specific items such as invitations, memorial cards, creation of memorial funds, websites in honor of, videos and slideshows, and personalized memorial gifts. 


Other Events – Because of the personalized nature of our services and extensive event planning experiences of our Love Out Loud team, we are also your go-to team for other events. We can help with a milestone anniversary, a retirement party, or various other opportunities to celebrate your loved one.

We do not do weddings. 


See the Slideshow below for a sample of ideas of the many wonderful things we can do together. 



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